Fahem General Trading PLC.

Fahem General Trading PLC, established in 2006 GC in the Jimma Zone of the Oromia Region, has a diverse portfolio that extends beyond coffee. The company has been actively involved in the coffee business since its foundation, supplying a significant portion to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX).

Alongside its coffee plantation farm, Fahem Coffee, located in the same area, the company caters to the agricultural and veterinary sectors. The farm spans an impressive 200 hectares, with 185 hectares dedicated to the meticulous cultivation of coffee. The remaining 15 hectares have been thoughtfully afforested with grevilia trees, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Fahem General Trading PLC takes pride in exporting traceable, sustainable, and superior quality coffee to the global market, representing the birthplace of coffee, the Jimma Zone. Additionally, the company supplies agrochemicals and veterinary drugs, providing essential support and solutions to farmers and veterinarians in the region.

With their comprehensive offerings, Fahem General Trading PLC showcases its commitment to excellence and contributes to the growth and development of the agricultural and coffee sectors in the region. The company's dedication to quality and sustainability extends across its diverse range of products, positioning Fahem as a trusted partner in the global market

  • Fahem Coffee Plantion

  • Fahem Coffee Plantion establish in 2006 GC in Oromia Region Jimma Zone Mana Wereda Yebu City. With a capital of 5 million birr. Fahem Starts its opration in exporting commercial coffee and later in May 2008 inter in to investment and owned its first 200 hector land for Coffee plantation which is located in Oromia Region, Jimma zone Limmu seqa District

  • Fahem Veterinary Medicine

  • The largest importer of veterinary drugs into Ethiopia is Fahem Veterinary Medicine. Fahem Veterinary Medicine was founded with the intention of being the leading importer of animal medicines into Ethiopia that caters to the rapid growth and high standards of the animal breeding sector. The most efficient and effective veterinary medicine on the market in recent years has been Fahem Veterinary Medicine. Many Ethiopian regions, including Oromiya, Amara, Afar, and South Ethiopia, have seen the introduction and launch of Fahem Veterinary.

  • Fahem Agro Chemicals

  • Fahem Agro Chemical began its adventure via marketing in the year 2021 with a product called famphosate. began selling Then, fahem Agro Chemicals expanded its product line in order to keep up with the increasing demands of our farmers..

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❖  To give the opportunity for quality Ethiopian Coffee experience for foreign customers.

❖ Enable productivity of the agricultural sector and improve the wellbeing of farmers through adequate supply of materials and inputs

❖ To ensure the satisfaction of farmers, customers, employees and other stakeholders

❖ Ensure transcendence and profitability of Fahem through up-to-date system, competent manpower and strong finance

Dearest Clients, We are grateful to all of our devoted clients for your confidence and love; we are always proud to provide exceptional customer service and quality products. Our team management would like to thank our customers for allowing us to serve you. It is our goal to keep you happy with our products. If you have any comments or recommendations about our products, please share them with us. Thank you for choosing us


‘’To be a dominant specialty coffee brand in the global market and a leading player in other sectors We operate in”


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