Atenago Coffee

  • Washed and Natural:
  • Location:
  • Altitude : 1700 - 2200 m.a.s.l
  • Aroma : Sweet & Floral
  • Flavor : Lemon, Fruity & Tea

Culture:The Oromo people tribes of Guji regard their region as the nerve center of Oromo culture. The ceremonies, customs and wisdom that come with the Gada age group system are still widely followed among the people. Besides the system, coffee farming is ingrained in the Guji culture- the two are inseparable.
Characteristics and Use:

n terms of topography, culture, and flavours, coffee from Guji has a distinct terroir while sustaining the classic characteristics like the Aromas of sweet peach and chocolate. A very big, bold character with a smooth, chocolate mouthfeel. Spicy, exotic, and clean. Oromo region: rich with extravagant dark chocolate notes, jasmine, and crisp, sweetly-tart acidity.Previously, Guji produced both washed and naturals exclusively, but of late producers have started to offer honey’s as well.
Guji coffees offer a composite, yet balanced cup profile that blends with both filter and espresso. PRESENTATION: