ASIPYR-V Powder For Injection

  • Each Vial contains:
  • Quinapyramine sulphate: 1.5 g
  • Quinapyramine chloride: 1.0 g

NDICATIONS:0ASIPYR-V is indicated for the treatment and prevention of Trypanosomiasis or Surra caused by Trypanosomaevansi, Trypanosomsvivax, Trypanosomabrucei, Trypanososmequiperdum, Trypanosomacongolense and Trypanosomasimiae in Cattle, Buffalo, Horse, Camel& Donkey
DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION:Dissolve ASIPYR-V powder in 15ml of water for injection and inject at the rate of 1 ml per 40 kg b.wt.subcutaneously (sc)
PRESENTATION:Glass vial of 2.5 g with water for InjectionCategory: Live Stock